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OnGeo™ Intelligence Satellite Report

From 12.99 USD per single report

OnGeo™ Intelligence Satellite Report is the simplest way to obtain small scenes of satellite images within an average of 5 minutes. Reports provide you with both the original, cloudless, georeferenced data package and AI-sharpened visualization of images in a simple-to-use PDF document. A time series of Very High-Resolution satellite images collected by various commercial and non-commercial satellite constellations reflects short-term changes on specified land parcels. Validate the changes that have occurred on your land parcel using satellite data!

How does it work?
  • Select a desired period and indicate the location on the map.
  • Within minutes, we search for archives of satellite data and return a list of available cloudless images.
  • Select the desired images and order the Report and Data Package.
  • Wait a couple minutes for an email with a link to the report.
  • You can become a member to save money and avoid paying for reports each time.

OnGeo™ Intelligence

OnGeo™ Intelligence brings advanced geospatial technology into every household around the world. This is the simplest way to obtain comprehensive information about a specified location. You only need to pinpoint the location on the map to receive the original data package and an easy-to-use PDF document with data visualization within 5 minutes.

OnGeo™ Intelligence combines reliable multisourced data into easy-to-use Reports and Packages. The advanced geospatial technology and AI techniques simplify complex processes, replacing time-consuming tasks, which ultimately allows everyone to take advantage of Earth Observation.

Utilize OnGeo™ Intelligence diagnosis reports to streamline various processes, saving you time and money:

  • Evaluation of land parcels
  • Assessment of quality of life
  • Discovery of hidden terrain features
  • Detection and documentation of changes
  • Documentation of incidents causing damage
  • Evidence for insurance cases
  • Evidence for court cases
  • Evidence for abuse cases
  • And more...

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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions, so you can fully benefit from our services.

How do I get access to the satellite data?

Satellite data come in diverse types. It can be a GNSS positioning signal gathered directly by your mobile phone, or a TV or radio signal converted into video or voice.

But if we are talking about Earth Observation Data Images, you cannot get them directly from space to your device as is. You have to order them and process them into a usable format.

OnGeo™ Intelligence provides you with instant access to multisensor and multiresolution satellite data. You can access a time series of images within an average of 5 minutes. You need to set up a time period, draw an Area Of Interest (AOI), select the type of satellite images, provide your electronic delivery address, confirm the micropayment, and wait for the Data Package and OnGeo™ Intelligence Satellite Report.

How can I get satellite data?

Obtaining satellite data for a specified area (earth images) involves 5 steps using OnGeo™ Intelligence tools.

It takes up to 5 minutes to define, order, and obtain both the OnGeo™ Intelligence Satellite Data Package and the illustration of the data in the OnGeo™ Intelligence Satellite Report document. You can gain instant access to multitemporal, very high-resolution data covering the entire world, gathered by the European constellation: Copernicus Sentinel-2 and Airbus.

What is included in the satellite report?

A satellite report is a collection of satellite images presenting changes that have occurred in a given area at a specific time.

Can I see a satellite view in real time?

Real-time satellite views may not be publicly available due to technical limitations, processing time, and data distribution constraints. Platforms may require a subscription or payment to access features or higher-resolution imagery.

There are several satellite imagery platforms that provide views of Earth close to real-time. OnGeo™ Intelligence's engine searches satellite data archives across multiple platforms to provide you with a curated list of available satellite images tailored to specific time and location parameters.

Can I see my house live from satellite?

It is unlikely that you will be able to see your house from a satellite in real time. Most satellite imagery is not provided live due to technical constraints and privacy concerns. However, you can access recent satellite imagery of your location through the OnGeo™ Intelligence Satellite Report.

The OnGeo™ Intelligence platform offers high-resolution satellite images that are frequently updated, but the imagery may have a delay of up to several days, depending on the platform from which it is sourced. Additionally, some platforms may have restrictions on the level of detail available for certain areas due to privacy concerns or government regulations.

If you are interested in viewing your house or specific locations, you can use these platforms to browse recent satellite images and see your surroundings from an aerial perspective, although not in real time.

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