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Satellite Imagery Report OnGeo™ Intelligence

Satellite Imagery Report OnGeo Intelligence

What is the Satellite Imagery Report?

The Satellite Imagery Report by OnGeo™ Intelligence provides access to satellite data, including high-resolution imagery. This data can be invaluable across various fields, such as environmental monitoring, urban planning, agriculture, and more. Anyone interested can access to the latest satellite images to support their projects and decision-making processes.

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Satellite Imagery of your property

Ordering and receiving your OnGeo™ Intelligence report takes just a few minutes. The ordering process is straightforward and easy to understand for everyone. Your requested data will be delivered in a PDF document to your specified email address. The report will include all the satellite images you ordered, organized from newest to oldest for quick and efficient review.

Enjoy exceptional convenience and accessibility with the OnGeo™ Intelligence Satellite Imagery Report service – no account registration, contracts, or subscription fees required.

What does the Satellite Imagery Report OnGeo™ Intelligence? 

The report features a curated selection of high-resolution satellite images that comprehensively depict your property or chosen area. This systematic organization allows you to easily track changes over time and gain valuable insights into events that occurred during the report period.  

Accessing high-resolution satellite imagery  

  • The report features satellite imagery in natural colors (RGB) derived from high-resolution images captured regularly by Earth-orbiting satellites.  
  • We offer a variety of pixel sizes to suit your needs, ranging from 10 meters to sub-meter resolution (less than 1.0 meter). 
  • Additionally, our advanced AI technology can enhance 10-meter resolution images to a sharper 2.5-meter resolution, allowing you to see finer details and identify specific objects, phenomena, or changes within the imagery.  

See example satellite images generated in the OnGeo™ Intelligence Report to experience the exceptional detail and insights you can gain

Sample satellite image, 0.3-meter resolution, OnGeo™ Intelligence.
Example satellite image, 0.3-meter resolution, OnGeo™ Intelligence
Sample satellite image, 1.3-meter resolution, OnGeo™ Intelligence.
Example satellite image, 1.3-meter resolution, OnGeo™ Intelligence
Sample satellite image, 10-meter resolution (sharper 2.5-meter resolution) OnGeo™ Intelligence
Example satellite image, 10-meter resolution (sharper 2.5-meter resolution), OnGeo™ Intelligence

Enhancing data analysis with advanced features

The OnGeo™ Intelligence Report goes beyond just high-resolution imagery. Your report also includes:

  • Data package: This comprehensive package delivers not only visible band channels but also near-infrared (NIR) and short-wave infrared (SWIR) channels for each image. These additional bands unlock advanced analysis possibilities in GIS software, allowing you to perform detailed spatial analyses.
  • Remote sensing index: A dedicated PDF report provides insightful graphs. These graphs illustrate the variability of the average value of key remote sensing index (NDVI, NDWI, NDMI) within the selected area over the specified time period. This allows you to monitor changes in vegetation health, water content, and soil moisture.

Frequency and global coverage

  • Satellite image capture: While satellites capture imagery approximately every 5 days, the report prioritizes cloud-free images. This results in a real-time interval between images typically ranging from 7 to 30 days.
  • Global availability: Access valuable insights from anywhere on Earth. Our service provides data for any location with the oldest available imagery dating back to 2015.

Ordering your satellite imagery report: a simple process

1. Go to the satellite imagery Report order form

2. Choose your reporting time frame:

Head to the Satellite Imagery Report Order Form and start by selecting the date range for your desired satellite images. Remember, the maximum timeframe is 6 months.

Select the time frame for the report
Select reporting period

3. Select area:

Next, pinpoint your location! Use the "Draw" option on the map to define the boundaries of the area you want imaged.

Draw the area of interest on the map-min.jpg
Draw the area of interest on the map

4. Select your image resolution:

The resolution you choose determines the level of detail in each pixel. Here are your options:

  • 10 meters (sharper 2.5-meter resolution): Good for general overview.
  • 1-2 meters: Ideal for moderate detail.
  • Below 1 meter: Highest detail.

Once you've chosen your resolution, click "SEARCH IMAGES." We'll quickly scan our archives and display a list of suitable cloud-free images. For high-resolution options (1-2m and below 1m), you can even preview them in low resolution.

The cost of the satellite report depends on the number of images you select (price displayed in the bottom right corner). Feel free to deselect any scenes you don't need.

Available satellite imagery list, make a selection, and proceed to payment-min.jpg
List of satellite images available, select desired images, and then proceed to payment

5. Refine your order and get your report:

Thanks to our automated system, you'll receive most reports within just 5 minutes!

For some high-resolution scenes (1-2m and below 1m) marked with an hourglass icon, additional processing by our data provider might be required. In this case, you'll receive a report with the readily available scenes first, followed by the full report once all images are processed.

Improved practical applications of the OnGeo™ Intelligence Report

Remote property evaluation:

The OnGeo™ Intelligence Report empowers investors and property owners to remotely assess a plot's development status.  Precisely dated satellite images provide a detailed history of the property, enabling informed investment decisions without the need for constant site visits.

Strengthening evidence documentation:

OnGeo™ Intelligence Satellite Imagery Reports can be a critical element in legal or administrative evidence documentation. Satellite images offer invaluable proof in land-use cases, boundary disputes, property violations, and even insurance claims.

Monitoring land use changes:

The OnGeo™ Intelligence Report provides a powerful tool for monitoring landscape changes, crucial for spatial planning and agriculture.  Regular satellite imagery allows users to track shifts in agricultural land use and assess environmental impacts.  In construction projects, the report serves as a valuable tool for documenting progress and can be used as evidence during administrative procedures.

Identifying environmental threats:

Satellite images enable rapid assessment of environmental threats like droughts or floods, vital for crisis management and preventative planning. The OnGeo™ Intelligence Report delivers data to identify areas susceptible to erosion and monitor groundwater and surface water levels, essential for effective water resource management.

Unlock the power of satellite insights with OnGeo™ Intelligence

Satelite data OnGeo Intelligence
Satellite insights with OnGeo™ Intelligence

OnGeo™ Intelligence Satellite Imagery Reports showcase how cutting-edge satellite technology empowers diverse industries, from agriculture and urban planning to everyday citizens.

This powerful tool delivers precise data about specific locations, unlocking new possibilities for monitoring, planning, and managing land use. Our commitment to constantly improving satellite data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation ensures we meet the ever-evolving needs of our users.

Unprecedented speed and insights:

OnGeo™ Intelligence users gain access to detailed land documentation within minutes of placing an order. High-resolution images and spectral data provide an unparalleled level of convenience and efficiency. Track any land area's history in detail, from landscape evolution to land-use changes.

Empowering the Future of Remote Sensing:

These advantages highlight the importance of continuous research and development in remote sensing. By pushing boundaries, we unlock even greater potential applications for satellite imagery, delivering invaluable insights to a broad spectrum of users.


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